Travel: Destination Switzerland

The destination is south of Switzerland and Germany is next to Austria and Liechtenstein to the so-called Alpine countries. Within an area of less than 41 300 square kilometres, nearly 7.8 million inhabitants. Thus, the Destination Switzerland is one of the most densely populated European countries.Despite its relatively small size In Switzerland, there are varied attractions, which can be offered.

Due to the enchanting scenery of the Alps, of course, this includes trips to the rich nature. Glaciers and mountains, clear lakes, numerous rivers and streams and a unique flora and fauna dominate nature in the Destination Switzerland. Among the natural attractions, include Switzerland National Park, a Biosphere Reserve, and 16 natural parks. Here hikers and nature lovers from various destinations Switzerland.The five UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites promise exciting and interesting places to visit Switzerland.

For large and small, a train ride on the 130-km stretch between Albula and Bernina is one of the most popular travel tips Switzerland. The railway is one of the most spectacular rail routes in the world. This Rhaetian Railway counts as a UNESCO world heritage such as, for example, the 300-square-kilometre area around the Piz Sardona.Switzerland Travel Tips for families include the many adventure trails. These visitors not only learn some impressive sights Switzerland know, but learn a lot of interesting and mysterious about the flora and fauna, geology, history, art and culture, and about witches and knights.

One of the most beautiful destinations in Switzerland is the famous Squirrel Trail in Arosa, on which the children a story about the cute little people hear this and can feed himself. Another highlight for all children in the Destination Switzerland is the encounter with the droll marmots on the Marmot Trail in Avers.Among the ultimate travel, tips Switzerland include a visit to the cities Aarau, Baden, Basel or Bern.

These cities are teeming variety of attractions Switzerland.One of the most beautiful architectural monuments include Switzerland in Basel, St. Paul’s Church and St. Anthony’s Church in Baden the old wooden bridge and the Landvogteischloss. As other interesting trips, Switzerland the historic old town of Aarau and Baden’s town hall apply. The destination Switzerland offers throughout the year include a very rich cultural and artistic life.

The Swiss are very proud of its many museums. Travel Tips to Switzerland in this area counts for all large and small dinosaur fans, for example, a visit to the dinosaur museum in Aathal in Zurich.

Destination Switzerland – Einstein Museum Bern and Bern Bear Park


Life and work of Albert Einstein are shown in the Einstein house about 1200 square meters. A Historical Museum of Bern is home to many original written and filmic documents that trace the life of the physicist. At the same time, we learn in the Einstein Museum and learn about the history of the 20th Century.

The Einstein’s theories can be made somewhat clearer by various experiments. As a rule, one has only the famous formula in mind, but no idea what it means. The tests that can be performed in the Einstein House were developed in collaboration with various universities.

Since the descriptions of these are English and French available in German, and international guests can enjoy the sights of Berne. In addition, there is an audio guide through the “Historical Museum of Bern” in total even nine languages. In this context, mention should also find that the Einstein Museum holds a special service ready for school.

This can take part in extra-matched to the study group tours and visit the museum for a special price for groups. Thus, the learning material is made clear and a rather theoretical topic for the students interesting and impressive.

Opening times:

The museum, which is one of the attractions of Berne, is open all year round from Tuesday to Sunday. It can be visited in the 10.00 to 17.00. Admission fees for adults CHF 18, CHF 13 reduced. This corresponds to about 12 euros or 8.50 euros. Families or larger groups get a discount on the entrance fee.

Bern Bear Park

The Bern Bear Park is one of the most unusual in Switzerland. The capital of the Confederation has always had a particularly close relationship with their heraldic animal, the bear.In 1857, the still existing bear pit was built at the eastern end of the Old Town, is one of the most famous sights of Berne.

It was completely renovated a few years ago, supplemented by a large, open area designed humanely in 2009. As the largest of the Bern Attractions Bern Bear Park now extends from the great bear pit of about 6000 m down to the banks of the River Aare. Here, visitors can impressively get to know the family life of bears.

Throughout the Bern Bear Park to draw walks, from which one can observe how the two cubs Ursina and Berna eat, climb and play with their parents. Admission is free and the site accessible all year around the clock. Tours also can be booked.

Destination Switzerland – Botanical Garden Basel and Basel Zoo

Botanical Garden Basel

Who would want to see in Basel attractions, a must visit to the Botanical Garden Basel not miss the University of Basel. In the middle of the Swiss city of Basel, have 8000 plants from different vegetation zones in the Botanical Garden Basel a home.

The botanical garden was established already in 1589 and is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. The freely accessible garden is located in the immediate vicinity of the University of Basel and the University Library, and forms an important interface for teaching and research.

Among the major attractions and sights of Basel Botanical Garden is one of the titan arum. In April 2011, the sensation was perfect: the gigantic, intense smells of rotting flowers blossom with a rate of around two meters high has opened for the first time – and after 17 years of intensive care. Thousands of visitors came to the Botanical Garden Basel, to see the extremely rare natural spectacle. The Titan Arum bloom only one night and then fell in on itself. The Titan Arum is actually native to the tropical rain forest of Sumatra.

Opening times:

The Botanical Garden, one of the main sights of Basel, is open from April to October from 8.00 to 18.00, from November to March from 8.00 to 17.00. The greenhouses are open all year round 9.00 -17.00. Admission is free.

Basel Zoo

The Basel Zoo is one of the interesting attractions Switzerland. He offers interesting insight into the animal world. He belongs to the Basel attractions that are well received both in adults and in children. Each is collected by a zoo of new impressions and have learned something about rare animals. Currently, a visit to the Zoo Basel is worth especially because many pups were born. To see how the parents care for the little ones, is interesting and reminds one or the other perhaps to their own children.

Many destinations Switzerland, such as the lakes or glaciers to visit to not only specific opening times, but also the Basel Zoo always opens at 8.00. As in other Basel attractions also, you have the opportunity to purchase individual or family tickets. For foreign visitors it is certainly good to know that it can also be paid in euros.