Travel: Destination Switzerland

The destination is south of Switzerland and Germany is next to Austria and Liechtenstein to the so-called Alpine countries. Within an area of less than 41 300 square kilometres, nearly 7.8 million inhabitants. Thus, the Destination Switzerland is one of the most densely populated European countries.Despite its relatively small size In Switzerland, there are varied attractions, which can be offered.

Due to the enchanting scenery of the Alps, of course, this includes trips to the rich nature. Glaciers and mountains, clear lakes, numerous rivers and streams and a unique flora and fauna dominate nature in the Destination Switzerland. Among the natural attractions, include Switzerland National Park, a Biosphere Reserve, and 16 natural parks. Here hikers and nature lovers from various destinations Switzerland.The five UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites promise exciting and interesting places to visit Switzerland.

For large and small, a train ride on the 130-km stretch between Albula and Bernina is one of the most popular travel tips Switzerland. The railway is one of the most spectacular rail routes in the world. This Rhaetian Railway counts as a UNESCO world heritage such as, for example, the 300-square-kilometre area around the Piz Sardona.Switzerland Travel Tips for families include the many adventure trails. These visitors not only learn some impressive sights Switzerland know, but learn a lot of interesting and mysterious about the flora and fauna, geology, history, art and culture, and about witches and knights.

One of the most beautiful destinations in Switzerland is the famous Squirrel Trail in Arosa, on which the children a story about the cute little people hear this and can feed himself. Another highlight for all children in the Destination Switzerland is the encounter with the droll marmots on the Marmot Trail in Avers.Among the ultimate travel, tips Switzerland include a visit to the cities Aarau, Baden, Basel or Bern.

These cities are teeming variety of attractions Switzerland.One of the most beautiful architectural monuments include Switzerland in Basel, St. Paul’s Church and St. Anthony’s Church in Baden the old wooden bridge and the Landvogteischloss. As other interesting trips, Switzerland the historic old town of Aarau and Baden’s town hall apply. The destination Switzerland offers throughout the year include a very rich cultural and artistic life.

The Swiss are very proud of its many museums. Travel Tips to Switzerland in this area counts for all large and small dinosaur fans, for example, a visit to the dinosaur museum in Aathal in Zurich.